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If you’re remotely serious about marketing your business online, you’ve got to be seen in the search engines. Especially Google. But if you’re not ranking in the search engines, then you’re invisible.

You Have Two Options …

1) You can pay what amounts to a second mortgage to hire a search engine optimization company. Hiring a company is like playing Russian roulette. Despite paying thousands of dollars, Google could ban your site due to gray or black-hat seo tactics. Happens all the time. Or, your site never makes it past page 3, rendering you invisible.

2) You can do-it-yourself to get ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The big three reserve top listings for sites that ostensibly deliver the most value. The way they measure value is by looking at the quantity and quality of backlinks per site.

So by adding lots of do-follow, good page-rank backlinks, your website will climb the search engines. That means more visibility and more visibility means more profit potential.

The catch is it takes an enormous amount of time to seek out quality backlinks. The good news is, as of today, you don’t have to spend hours hunting for backlinks. That’s because I’ve already found and developed a listing of outstanding, do-follow, PR1, PR2, and PR3 links for you. All you have to do is take advantage of it.


“Hi John,
Just wanted to let you know that we have received a PR2 ranking today when we were a PR0 just yesterday for our site. All of our pages are now indexed. We consistently rank at the top or near the top for our key words on over 150 indexed pages. We couldn’t have done it without your backlink program, it really has worked for us !! Feel free to use this as a testimonial, we certainly don’t want our competitors to find out about your service !! Keep those great backlinks coming, we love them, and they are working for us !! Best money we ever spent !!
Thanks again”

Get a Huge List of Links

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Searching for Them

Introducing my Backlink List  Membership Community. This is an exclusive membership, which gives you instant access to my list of a constantly updated  PR1, PR2, and PR3 backlinks that are all “do-follow”. This site is updated every Tuesday with hundreds of new backlinks for you to use..

Depending on how many links you choose to use per day, you can soon see your web pages moving up in the search engines and  clinch the most coveted spots in Google, Yahoo and Bing — even for the hottest, most desired keywords. It’s now possible! Here’s a secret.

Many of the sites that rank high in the search engines are coasting off of optimization efforts from several years ago that are worn out or  low quality links. As a Backlink List member, you have the incredible opportunity to overtake them using fresh, quality backlinks that have very little spam.

Why Am I Doing This?

Three years and counting, I have helped companies, large and small, in B2B and B2C attain first page positions on the big three search engines, even for many highly contested keywords.

I understand not everyone can afford my upscale search engine optimization services. So I’ve done the next best thing. I’ve established the Backlink List Membership, so everyone no matter your budget can get a piece of the action.

All it takes is ranking well for one or two high traffic keywords and almost overnight, your business enters the big leagues. If that’s where you’d like me to take your business, then you can try my service for just $49.99 monthly.

Sign up today and you get instant access to thousands of backlinks and then you’ll have access to hundreds of new backlinks added each Tuesday to the membership site so you can lift your search engine profile.

If you’re not entirely happy with the results, then let me know within 30 days and I’ll cancel your membership and refund your money in full with no questions asked. It’s that simple. Of course you may cancel anytime.

Ask yourself this question. “How much is an hour of my time worth?” If your time is worth $25 an hour and it takes six or more hours a month to identify and locate quality backlinks, then I’m sure you can see that becoming a member is a no brainer.

But There’s One Problem…

As you might have guessed if too many people take advantage of this opportunity, then these links will lose their potential. That said I’m limiting the amount of Backlink List members to 100 people. This is an exclusive membership and you are forbidden from sharing these prized backlinks with anyone else. To do so would ban you from this exclusive membership.

So if you’re ready to capture more traffic and more profits then I invite you to sign up via the 2Checkout link below. You can start today to begin moving towards the first page of Google!

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