Signs of a Damaged Foundation

The foundation in our homes is an important component. A sturdy foundation will also contribute to how a house will withstand any calamities. You will have lots of problems if your foundation is in trouble, so it’s important that you spot the early signs of foundation problems before you can spend thousands of dollars for the repair.  

Damaged Foundation 

In this article, we will show you how to spot problems in your foundation. But if you don’t know how, you can schedule an inspection from professionals of foundation repair in Grapevine TX 

Basic Indoor Signs 

One basic way of spotting foundation problems is looking at the indoor warning signs. You will notice some unevenness. Some of the changes you will experience are jamming doors, cracks appearing in windows, walls and doorways, cracks opening in the concrete or tile flooring and sticking windows that are difficult to close and open.  

Check the Exterior 

Aside from the warning signs that you can check inside, there are also signs that you can check outside and most if the time these are really obvious. Check the length of the wall’s foundation from each other if it’s straight or not. They should be straight, from side to side, down and up. A curve or bulge in the block foundation is a signal that the soil around the foundation is contracting or that the foundation has shifted.  

Check the foundation if it’s becoming weak or not. If the concrete appears to be flaking and chipping, use a screwdriver and poke some places of the concrete. If it’s still strong, you can’t damage it by just poking. But if you break a piece of the concrete, it might be deteriorating because the mixture might contain too much water or too much sand.  

Check Structural Components  

Aside from the perimeter foundation walls, you should also inspect the other components of the structure. In your crawl space or basement, look for concrete supports and posts. The posts should firmly plant under the beams and standing straight and also rest on the concrete piers. The framing or the puddles should have puddles. Use the screwdriver again and check the wood posts for any rotting.  

If you see any signs of moisture like puddle, it indicates that the drainage around the foundation is poor. If the gutters are plugged, then there’s also a problem.  


Some of foundation cracks become obvious overtime. As the concrete cures, it will lightly shrink. If it doesn’t cure evenly, it will crack. Block foundations and concrete usually have few cracks. The thing you should do is determining which serious signs are or not.  

If you see hairline cracks between the concrete blocks, you shouldn’t worry about it. If the crack is at an L-shape section, plug them to keep the crawl space or basement dry. If there are stair-step cracks, you should be concerned. If there’s a moisture issue or plugged getter, it’s pressuring the wall. The most serious of them all is the horizontal crack. The solution to this is getting a new foundation.  

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How to Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor

The foundation in our house is considered as the most important component of any structure. Without it, or even if it is there but was poorly constructed, the structure will fell off with just strong winds. If your house is still standing for many years now, thank your foundation for that. Just because it’s not obvious to our eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is there, making the house sturdy.  

Foundation Repair Contractor 

It should be given importance and attention because it can do wonders to our house. It is not a so-it-yourself project so don’t even bother. To successfully build or repair your foundation, you need to hire a Mansfield foundation repair contractor.  This article will show you how to hire one to avoid pressing issues in the future.  

Ask for Reference 

The best way to gather information about foundation contractors is through word-of-mouth. If you have friends, neighbors or colleagues that recently had their foundation repaired or constructed, ask them about whom their contractors are and if they are satisfied with their service. Don’t make a hasty decision by hiring the first one you know or met. Most of construction problems are because of this. Make sure you have at least 3 or 4 prospects. Later on, you will search more about them.  

Do an In-Depth Research 

Check the company’s website. You can see most of their information there, including some of reviews that might be helpful for you. Check their physical address, portfolio of their past services (if there is one) and their social media accounts. People might have things to say that are not posted on their website but you can check in social media.  

Ask for Experience 

You may now start interviewing your prospects, talking in the phone may do. Ask them about their experience and how long they have been in the business. Don’t negotiate with a contractor that doesn’t have experience in building a foundation. If you think that their experience is not sufficient enough for the kind of structure you’re going to build, mark them off the list.  

License, Certification and Insurance 

The contractors should be licensed and insured and have their repair/construction method evaluated by the International Council Evaluation Services. This will ensure you that the products they use are evaluated and meet the code compliance.  

The insurance is also important, both the liability insurance and workman’s compensation. No matter what happens, if there are unexpected damages and injuries, you are all covered. Also, an additional certification from an organization of the said field is also helpful when it comes to evaluating how committed they are to their work.  

Ask for a Written Estimate 

Even though you have a budget already, don’t make that a reason to just hire the contractor who offers you a cheap price. Remember, you’ll get what you pay for and no one likes a foundation that easily gets damaged. You can ask for an estimate of every cost, from the materials to the labor expenses and other additional charges.  

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Three Basic Tips to Improve your Property’s Exteriors

Your property, which is composed of your house and the area of land around it, is one of the most important assets you have. It is very important to maintain and improve the condition of this property because it represents you, aside from the fact that this is the very place where you eat, sleep, and live every day. 

Investing on our property’s interiors, like furnishings, appliances, and much more are undeniably important, and all people know this. However, not all people recognize that it is also very important to invest in our property’s exteriors. The components of our exteriors are the first to be seen by our neighbors, guests, and passersby. Improving your exteriors would give you a lot of increase, increase in the value of your home and respect from the people in your locality. 

To help you do this, here are the three basic tips to improve your property’s exteriors. 

Property’s Exteriors

1. Installing a Fence

Installing a fence would greatly improve your property’s exteriors, not only in its look but also in its security. If you worry that the fence would obstruct the view of your exteriors, then build it low or build a fence that is made of steel that is only thin. 

You can also customize your fence and install a style that you like; you can also paint your fences with whatever color you like. Fence improves the security of your property, acting as a barrier from intruders. Fence also keeps your children and pets safe by preventing them on straying to the streets. 

2. Paint

One huge determinant if your property’s exterior looks good or not is its paint. If the paint of your house or even your fence is outdated, your exteriors will look dull, lifeless, and old. One way to restore the lively and vibrant atmosphere of your property is to paint your exteriors anew.  

Painting your house though is a big project because it costs money and time from you. You first need to ponder off things before you start, to decide what color to apply or to decide if you do it on your own or you can hire a painting contractor. 

3. Take Care of Your Lawn

Your lawn is a very important component of your exteriors because it is located on the front and it takes a large space. Improving or maintaining your lawn is not a one-time event, it is a method you have to repeat as long as you live in the property. Take the clutter and unnecessary objects off your lawn and store it inside the house. Clean the lawn, water the grass, and cutting the grass are only some of the steps you have to do to maintain your lawn. 

If you don’t have the time to maintain your lawn, you can hire a landscaping contractor to do it for you. You will be saving your time and energy, and spend it on other things you like. Landscapers not only maintain your lawn, but they also provide the service of improving it by rearranging all of the things in your lawn or by adding elements to make it beautiful. Visit for info.  

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